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Achieve your dream with our support

Going on exchange is a challenge and takes careful preparation. Far away from home, you will

  • live with a new family
  • attend a new school
  • study different subjects
  • speak a foreign language
  • be part of a new community

With our experienced staff who will be there to support you, you will be able to meet the challenge and make a success of your cultural exchange program.

We will give you and your parents all the information you need to get ready for your experience overseas.

Before your departure

While abroad

After your return


Before your departure


To apply to our program, you can fill in our online form. You can either pay your $700 application fee by sending in a check or bring it in (or cash) on your interview day along with your last school transcript.


Once we receive your application form, we will contact you to schedule your interview with an STS representative. The purpose of the interview is to assess your suitability to an exchange program. You and your parents can also prepare all the questions you have in regard to the program and to our organization. The STS representative will be happy to answer them and to give you more information. Shortly after the interview, you will be notified your pre-acceptance. Final acceptance is given upon reception of your full file.

Acceptance to the program

You will have to complete the STS application file online, write an essay, provide a reference letter from a teacher and get a medical check. We will confirm your suitability and acceptance to our program only after we receive your complete application file. When accepted, your file is sent to your host country for the host family search.

Host family selection

Host family interviews are conducted in the home so that an inspection of the house and of the neighbourhood can be made. All family members living at home are required to attend the interview. At least two appropriate references are required. Police check-up are done in the countries where it is legal to do so.


Once accepted, you can apply to obtain one of our numerous scholarships. Find out which one you can be eligible forhere.

Pre-departure information and assistance

Before your departure you will receive

  • regular emails with comprehensive information about the program and your host country
  • detailed information on your host family and high school placement
  • tips and assistance from STS staff for any questions you may have
  • full assistance with your visa application
  • information about your flight and other travel arrangements

Orientation meeting

A few weeks before your departure, you and your parents will be invited to an orientation meeting. This meeting is compulsory.

The purpose of the meeting is to make sure that all students are well prepared and have all information required for the trip. The STS staff will go over the rules and guidelines of the program again, so to make sure that they are clearly understood by students and parents.

It is also an opportunity for you to meet some of the other STS students you may be travelling with.


While abroad

A host family that is right for you

The student and host family relationship is the key to a successful exchange experience. Our job is to recruit a family suitable for you. Warmth, understanding and hospitality are three crucial attributes we look for in every volunteer family. And because there are no financial rewards, you can be assured that your host family has a genuine desire to share their life with you.

Host family profile

Host families come from all walks of life. They include rural and urban families, couples and individuals with and without children. Be they young or older, your host family will do everything possible to make you feel at home.

Going to high school

You will attend your new school for a limited time only and with no graduation expected, but that does not mean that your school life will be just fun and games. The school work is naturally important and you should be well prepared for the lessons and tests.

The challenge includes adapting to new subjects, to a new timetable and to a new culture in general. Your school life will be very different to the one you are used to. This will make your high school program a good experience for life and will help prepare you for the years to come.

Learning a second language

Most destinations on offer with STS will imply that you learn or improve your skills in a second language. Your program will be the greatest opportunity for you to add a new skill to your resume, whether it's for your future studies, career or life in general. Note that no countries, besides Japan, Switzerland and Germany, have a language requirement.

All students are going through the same learning process, from struggling with the language to enjoying it and for some of them to even mastering it! Your progress will of course depend on the efforts you put into learning the language and practicing it with your host family and new friends. It will also depend on the length of your stay overseas. Check out here the benefits of learning a second language!

Be a good Canadian Cultural Ambassador

Being an exchange student in a foreign host community, you will find that you will be representing Canada to many people around you. This is a position that carries a great deal of responsibility. You will have many opportunities to talk and share ideas with you host family and friends. Many people will be interested in you and will want to find out who you are and where you come from. In this way, you will make a great contribution to international good will and understanding. Your role as an ambassador is important. It means that the image you project to your local community is how they will think of people from Canada. If you are selected to participate in our program, this means that we think you have the qualities to be a good STS Cultural Ambassador.

More to enjoy!

After school, there is still much more to enjoy. Your life could be filled with music, sports, youth clubs, depending on your destination and personal interests. Some activities are organised by the school, while others are community based. You could be joining in theatre classes, music lessons, art classes, sport teams and so on. Your host family and STS representative will assist you in finding out which activities are on offer in your new town or city.

Local support 24/7

After you have settled in, your Area Representative will contact you and be your support until your return to your home country. Or you may even meet your Area rep on your day of arrival. He or she will be your first point of contact in your host country, the first friend you will make, and will be in touch with you at least once a month. Even if you only need someone to talk to as a friend, you can count on your Area Representative for emotional support and guidance throughout your stay. The contact details of your STS Area Rep will be confirmed to you before your departure.

Great tours on offer

Whatever your choice of destination is, you will be offered to join in fun and supervised STS tours or weekend trips. We understand that our students are eager to discover as much as they can while overseas, that's why we organise our own tours and trips for them. Lot of fun, maximum safety and low cost guaranteed!

Exclusive STS European Tour

STS is the only organisation offering such a golden opportunity to its students staying in Europe, a 21-day trip to 9 European countries and their greatest sights. Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Venice, the Italian Rivieira, the Alps, Paris, Amsterdam, a summer resort in Denmark and final stop in Sweden! The tour is fully supervised by experienced staff. You will be together with other exchange students from all over the world. This tour happens at the end of the schoolyear and is optional. Its details and cost are given when abroad. Most students describe the European tour as their best experience ever, so don't miss out!


After your return

Friends for a lifetime

You will make many friendships while abroad. Most of our returnees travel back to their host country for visits and welcome their new friends and family to Canada. They are still true Canadians but with an international spirit that will stay with them for ever. And you can be one of them!

Join the STS Returnee Club

After your return to Canada you can stay involved with STS and student cultural exchange programs. We encourage students to get involved on many different occasions, such as lunch tables in schools, orientation meetings, information sessions and social get-togethers with current or future students. We have different types of reward programs to allow you to go back to your host country on a visit or to discover another destination. Keep it in mind!

My STS Advisor

Need a quick answer? Leave your email address and question to us. Your STS Advisor will come back to you very shortly.

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Very last days to send back your file for a Fall 2017 departure! Hurry up and be on your way this summer to your dream destination!

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