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STS Worldwide has thousands of permanent and field staff to assure the very best service wherever you go. STS Foundation office in Canada is composed of two permanent positions, a Country Manager and a Program Manager supported by a large network of Province Managers, Regional Managers and Area Representatives.


Yannick Bécu is STS Foundation Executive Director. Yannick fell in the Student Exchange business when he was 15 with his own 10-month exchange to Westfield, Massachusetts in 1987-88. This year abroad changed his life forever. With his University degree, in 1994, he started to teach French and English while assuring host family placements as STS Northern France Regional Manager. In 1999, Yannick accepted the full-time Program Manager position at STS France Office. 4 years later, he became STS France Country Manager.

In 2010, Yannick moved with his family to Canada to become STS Canada Country Manager. Yannick and STS believe that exchange programs should be open to all. Scholarship programs were installed and partnerships with school boards were signed to assure reciprocity.

Yannick enjoys foreign languages and cultures. He is the lucky father of Lily and enjoys spending his spare time with his daughter traveling the world.


Kim Berry is STS Foundation Program Manager. Kim began with STS in 2005 as a Host Family , Area representative, and mother of an STS exchange student to Austria. She today oversees the program operations at the STS Ottawa Office for our Outbound students as well as supporting our Inbound students and Area Reps in Ontario.

Kim enjoys exercising early every morning before work. She is the proud mother of Chelsea and Zacharie.


Our Team

On this picture, you can see Yannick and Kim from the STS Office along with Julie, Sandra and Jennifer, Ontario Area Representatives.

Our worldwide staff is known to be dedicated and available. We are proud to confirm those qualities in Canada.


Become an Area Representative (AR)

Make a difference to the life of a young person & contribute to worldwide cultural exchange!

Our Area Representatives are men and women who believe that student exchange is a life changing experience for young people and the host families within the local community. They represent our organization within their community and are the most visible members of our team. Their presence is the most important link in the chain that brings together all parties involved in the exchange program; student, host family and in a lesser degree the school.

The role of the AR is to provide ongoing support to the exchange students placed within their community and their host families, as well as assisting us in recruiting and interviewing potential host families.

The AR can also be requested to interview local students applying to go on exchange overseas and to assist students at the airport for their arrival or departure.

The rewards for the AR are limitless; meet new people in the community, establish lifelong friendships, share the Canadian way of life and culture, gain an increased cultural awareness and acceptance of a different culture to their own.

Can I become an AR?

Do I get paid as an AR?

How do I become a Regional Manager (RM)?

How do I apply?



Can I become an AR?

Our Area Reps come from many different backgrounds. They can be men or women and they can be young or retired. Some are teachers, some are parents or host parents of exchange students. Most are individuals who enjoy working with people, learning about different cultures and making a difference.

Area Representative for student exchange is the ideal position for individuals who:

  • Enjoy working with young people and have the ability to interact positively with people of all ages and backgrounds;
  • Have a strong interest in community involvement;
  • Want to make a difference in people’s lives and to expand their world;
  • Display a genuine interest in foreign countries and other cultures;
  • Have good presentation, communication and listening skills.

Our Area Representatives all work from home and manage their own schedule of working hours, including in evenings and on weekends. They must all have access to email, have a mobile phone and a car.

Training, supervision and 24/7 support are provided by the Regional Manager, who communicate regularly with the ARs to ensure that they are able to fulfill their role with the least amount of difficulty. For emergency situations, the National Manager can be accessed 24/7.

Please note that under the STS guidelines, Area Representatives must undergo a criminal record check.


Do I get paid as an AR?

Area Representatives are reimbursed for all their activities, based on a schedule. The activities can be sourcing a new Host Family (HF), interview and home inspection of a new HF, providing ongoing support to the student and HF (minimum of one contact per month and one meeting per term) with monthly reports to send to the Regional Manager, assisting the students at arrival or departure, etc.


How do I become a Regional Manager (RM)?

You are an experienced AR? You can submit your application for a RM position. Just describe your past experience and the Region you wish to cover and we will come back to you shortly.



How do I apply?

To apply for a field staff position (AR or RM), please send a cover letter detailing your motivations and your resume to

Looking forward to welcoming you on the STS Team,

All the Best,

Yannick Bécu, National Director


To apply for an internship, please send a cover letter detailing your motivations and your resume to

STS welcomes interns all year long but in July and August. Please note that to be considered fluency in English and French are required.

Permanent positions

We are sorry. We have no permanent position at the present time. We invite you to check our page regularly for openings.


Looking forward to welcoming you on the STS Team,

All the Best,

Yannick Bécu, National Director

My STS Advisor

Need a quick answer? Leave your email address and question to us. Your STS Advisor will come back to you very shortly.

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