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A Cultural Exchange, A Gift for Life

STS is a registered Not For Profit Organization based in Ottawa. We organize cultural student exchange from all Provinces and Territories to a wide variety of destinations worlwide.

We are proud to offer low-cost high-quality program to Secondary School Students thanks to our network of volunteers offering their time, home, energy to promote better world understanding and cultural awareness.

STS Foundation offer reciprocal exchanges in partnership with school boards nationwide. STS can accomodate 2, 3, 5 or 10 months exchanges and offers numerous scholarships to allow this experience to the most deserving students outside any financial considerations.

You would like STS to offer our exchange programs and scholarships in your school board? Feel free to contact Yannick Bécu, STS Foundation Director at


Why Study Languages?

Why should students learn to communicate in another language? What are the advantages? Language is our connection with our community and the world. Through language we identify the world around us, express our concerns and hopes, and share our experiences and ideas. First-language literacy is important to second or additional language learning. It helps students grasp key concepts more easily and influences general academic achievement. Knowledge of a second and third language strengthens first language skills. It also helps students understand the role of language and culture in society and to appreciate the value of other languages and cultures. The ability to communicate in additional languages provides unique opportunities to gain access to other peoples and other cultures. In the interest of peace and economic, political, and social security in an increasingly interdependent world, it is important for every person to acquire skills for cross-cultural communication and understanding.

We live in a shrinking world where international trade, communication, and mutual understanding require openness to other people’s experiences and points of view. Canadians who have access to the languages and cultures of the world not only increase their own job opportunities, but can also play an important role in promoting Canada’s future economic development.

  • Learning another language can enhance intellectual functioning.
  • Learning another language creates pride in one’s own cultural background and better understanding of other cultures.
  • Learning another language enhances career options.
  • Learning another language facilitates learning additional languages.

Text extracted fromILEA - International Languages Educators' AssociationInternational Languages Educators' Association.

We also invite you to read the New York Times Room for debate on Is Learning A Language Other Than English Worthwhile?

Who do we serve?

Our cultural exchange programs are open to all students currently enrolled in a Canadian Secondary School. Our programs are based on reciprocity. We offer a tuition free school spot and a volunteer host family abroad. In return, our foreign partners (Education Ministries, School boards, Schools and Educators) rely on us to assure a balance number of outgoing and incoming students.

For the last decade, STS is proud to have sent on exchange students from over 50 Canadian school boards from 6 provinces and 1 territory including Alberta, British Colombia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario and Québec. We also extended our offer to students of private schools in British colombia and Québec.

You can see here where some of our STS Canadian students come from.

West Vancouver Niagara Catholic District School Board

Ottawa-Carleton District School BoardCommission Scolaire de Montréal



You wish your students to benefit from our programs? Feel free to contact Yannick Bécu, STS Foundation Director at


Our Accreditations

STS was founded in 1958. Every year, we evaluate our work to pursue perfection. In every country, STS offices worldwide are members of national quality-control organizations. We are proud to present to you a few of them: CSIET in the USA, FIAVET in Italy, UNOSEL in France and ASEPROCE in Spain.








They support STS

STS is glad to present the Education network, associations and  companies supporting our efforts in promoting our cultural exchange programs.






L'Express √Čtudiant




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