Summer departures are getting closer!

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Fall 2013 is unusual in many ways. 

First of all, unlike previous years, 96% of our departing STS students chose the same continent.... Europe! That is from Fall 2012 an incredible jump from 65% to 96%. We tried to understand the reasons why but it is just a matter of preference. Let's see if it gets confirmed next year!

Also, not only most students chose Europe but half of them chose 2 countries! This year our top two countries are France for 30% and Italy for 20%. In Fall 2012, the top 2 destinations were Spain with 28% and Austria with 15%.

So what is our top 5 for Fall 2013 (2012 in brackets)

#1 FRANCE (Spain)

#2 ITALY (Austria)

#3 AUSTRIA (Argentina)

#4 SWEDEN (France)

# FINLAND (Australia)

Let's see what your choice will be next year?

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